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Traveler Types

Take a look at our different traveler types, if you meet our requirements you will pay less for your trip.

Children (0-15 years, until the day you turn 16)

From a safety and well-being perspective children will require their own seat, hence a ticket must be purchased for all children regardless of age. A ticket bought to a child will have a 20 % discount. Swebus does not take special responsibility for children, the parent or guardian is always responsible.

Youth (16-25 years, until the day you turn 26 years old)

As a youth, you have up to 20 % discount compared to the adult rate on selected departures until the day you turn 26. You must be able to prove your age.


If you have a valid student card (CSN, Patronage, Membit, student card, ISIC and IYTC), you will receive a 30 % discount compared to the adult rate on selected departures.

Do not forget that you need to show your ID to the driver and during the ride (if asked).

The following rules apply to the Norwegian and Danish students:

1) Student certificate must have been issued by the University or College.

2) Valid study evidence means that studies must be full time and include at least 3 months. These studies may not be paid for by employers, adult education will not be accepted.

3) Receipt of payment of tuition fee must be presented.

Autumn Certificate is valid until 10 January.

Spring Certificate is valid until 10 September.

Senior Citizens

If you are retired you will receive a 20 % discount rate on selected departures. To be able to get this discount you will need to show that you are 65 years old or older. If you are younger and have retired in advance you will need to show proof of Insurance.

You must choose at least one passenger
Max 10 tickets of each type
A pet can't travel alone, it needs another passengertype in combination
Only one pet per passenger
For journeys before 27/8 applies: Up to two children travel free between Stockholm and Arlanda with fully paying adult, no ticket needed for children. For additional child or children traveling alone buy a youth ticket.
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